Science Lab - Newell Elementary

Stephanie Nodelman

You have just entered the learning den of Miss Nodelman and her cubs, tread slowly and stay alert, you don't know when you might learn something new...


  • First Day of school is August 27th! Can't wait to see all of my bright smiley scientists! I hope everyone has had an wonderful summer and spent some time doing science. Remember science is EVERYWHERE! See you soon.
  • GEMS club- We will be starting a GEMS science club this Spring. Girls Excelling in Math and Science. This is a science club just for girls. The girls will have to fill out an application stating why they would like be in the club. Due to this being our first year with the club we will only have 15 girls. Next year we hope to be larger
Science Olympiad Practices: LOOKING FOR SCIENTISTS!!!
  • Science Olympiad practices are every Tuesday morning from 7:45-8:45am. Students will be chosen to try-out based on classwork in math and science, the ability to work in groups, grades on tests, and basic science knowledge. Myself along with the teachers will be looking for the best of the best; they will get a letter in November with more details.

Science Olympiad Competition: May 18th at UNCC

Welcome 2012-2013 Students and Parents! This is going to be a fantastic year so put on your scientist caps and here we go!!! I am extremely excited to be the science lab teacher again this year. I will be working with kindergarten-5th grade students all year long. All experiments will be based on the science lessons taught by your child's homeroom teacher. I am also in charge of the school Science Night and the coach of our Science Olympiad Team. All students in 3rd-5th grade that would like to try out for science Olympiads need to let me know ASAP!
Classroom Rules
Raise your hand to speak
Effort in all your work
Stay on task
Positive choices
Excellent Organization
Creative Problem Solving
Treat others the way you want to be treated

I expect my students to try. I do not expect all of them to make straight A's and get 100's on every test, but I do expect 100% effort. It is so easy to tell when a student makes a 'C' and they have tried their hardest, and when they make a 'C' because they were being lazy.
This website will be used throughout the school year to...
  • tell about upcoming events
  • describe projects and assignments
  • help and reminders for science night projects

Please remember that you can always email me at Stephanie Nodelman if you have any comments or questions about my class or this page. Call me at school during the hours of 8am and 4:30pm at (980) 343-6820. I should respond within 24 hours.